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Free-Poker-Seattle-Tacoma-Everett-Redmond-Texas-Holdem.jpgFree-Poker-Seattle-Tacoma-Everett-Redmond-Texas-Holdem.jpgQuarterly State Championship
Winter 2017 Champion - Maka Noa

Vegas Vacation Week - June 18 thru June 23rd
For discounted room rates - book your room at the Four Queens
1-(800) 634-6045 - Mention Global Poker Federation or Group Code GN0616
$2000+ TOC & Quarterly Championships

GPF Players are never more than 2 wins away from a MILLION $$ + Prize Pool

Poker Schedule
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Address & Start Times

White Horse Saloon*
*$20 buy-in No Rebuys
New Way Vapors Lounge
Schooner Pub & Galley
Twin Dragon Sports Bar

Gonzo's Bar & Grill
The Hideaway Grill
Renton Eagles **
**$10 Buy-in Members only

White Horse Saloon
Just Left Pub & Grill
The Fan Club
The Lost Dutchman

Blue Goose Tavern
Horseshoe Saloon
Renton VFW**
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests
Gig Harbor Eagles***
***$20 Buy-in Members Only
Renton Eagles **
**$10 Buy-in Members Only
Cliffhanger Sports Bar
Lady Luck's Cowgirl Up

Gonzo's Bar & Grill

Grand Peking
Red Dog - Port Orchard
Red Dog - Maple Valley
Renton Eagles **
**$10 Buy-in Members Only

Babalouies Sports Bar
Draft Choice

Grand Peking
The Fan Club
Sporty's Beef & Brew

Renton VFW**
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests
Pub 85
Golden Mum
Lighthouse Saloon
The Siren Tavern
Renton Eagles**
**$15 Buy-in Members Only

The Siren Tavern
Redmond Eagles***
***$25 Buy-in Members & Guests
Renton Eagles**
**$10 Buy-in Members Only
Draft Choice
Mugshots Burger N' Brew
Blue Goose Tavern
Lighthouse Saloon
KickingPig Bar & Grill***
**$20 Buy-in, 1 Re-buy

Renton Eagles**
**$10 Buy-in Members Only

Past TOC Winners

December 2016
William Parkins

September 2016

Keith Martinez

June 2016
Julie Freer

March 2016
Jason Compton

December 2015
Scott Owens

September 2015
Darrin Johnson

June 2015
Kurt Steputis

March 2015
Mike Torre

September 2014
James Van Eaton

Past Semi-Pro Winners

October 2016
Joan Turchin

May 2016
Travis Perman

Vegas Vacation Winners

Travis Perman
Andre Routhe

New Venue:  White Horse Saloon, Arlington 2PM on Sundays begins 3/19
New Venue:  White Horse Saloon, Arlington 6:30PM on Mondays begins 3/20
New Venue:  Cliffhanger Sports Bar, Lynnwood 7PM on Tuesdays
New Venue: 
Just Left Pub & Grill, Lynnwood 7PM on Mondays
New Venue:  New Way Vapors Lounge, Port Orchard 7PM on Sundays


Each quarter GPF players with at least 20 points qualify for the Quarterly State Championship. Grand Prize is a seat at Poker's World Series plus Airfare and Hotel.  This is a bracelet event and total prize money is guaranteed to exceed $1,000,000.... That's a MILLION $$+

WA State GPF Winter Poker Championship


1st Place - Maka Noa - South End
2nd Place- Roa Cuauhtli Chico - Eastside
3rd Place - Donald Bly - Eastside
4th Place - Donna Dilger - Kitsap
5th Place - Matthew Forsythe - North End

6th Place - Alex Aquino - Eastside/Seattle
7th Place - Preston Cutter - South King
8th Place - Joe LaMothe - Eastside
Bubble - Scott Owens - North End


Players with a 1st place win in the six months prior to the championship qualify.  It's all about bragging rights and CASH... Next TOC is March 25th at 13th Ave Pub in Lynnwood.  Pre-registration is required.  Seating limited.

September TOC Results
Keith Martinez - 1st Place -$640
Cheryl Miller - 2nd Place - $440
Gary Ralstin - 3rd Place - $290
Tyson Flath - 4th Place - $170
Travis Perman - 5th Place - $130
Steve Griffis - 6th Place - $100
Julie Kelly - 7th Place - $85
Storm Diamond - 8th Place - $60

GPF National Championship.jpg

2017 will see Global Poker Federation crown our first National Champion. Qualified players may compete in any of the Daily Deep Stack tournaments during Poker's World Series at the Rio, Las Vegas during the summer of 2017.  Players may compete in as many tournaments as they have invitations.  IE:  You won three Venue Championships; you may compete in three Daily Deep Stacks.  At the conclusion of competition GPF will review the player rankings as published by the good folks at the World Series.  The player with the highest cash payout in a single event will be crowned "National Champion".  What will you win....  well, the cash... Each of the $235 buy-in 2pm Daily Deep Stacks have total payouts of between 200K and 300K with 1st Place typically in the $40K to $60K range.  Those are the big dog payouts... howevever, you may compete in ANY of the Daily Deep Stacks which have buy-ins from $135, $185, $235 and $535.  The choice is yours... the National Champion will be crowned based on highest single game cash regardless of the amount of the buy-in.

Quarterly Venue Championship.jpg

November Venue Champions win a $200 voucher for entry into one of the Daily Deep Stack tournaments at the Rio Hotel and Casino in June of 2017.  Cash Payout is typically between $200k and  $300k with the top 18% of the field getting paid.  Top 20 point earners for the quarter at each participating venue qualify. Players at Venues where $15 was withheld for the supplemental prize fund (BPO events) are eligible to win the voucher, all other Venue Champions will receive an invitation to participate in the GPF National Championship.   Venue Championships are held during the first tournament of each new quarter. 1st week of November.  Hosts at all venues except Semi-Pro events will withhold $5 from the nightly prize payout to fund this program... no exceptions, this is not an optional program.

 Quarterly Venue Champions

Venue Championships   August     November  
Schooner Galley & Pub   Vincent Reed Inv     na
Twin Dragon Sports Bar   Ginni Swanton Inv   Ginni Swanton $200
Gonzo's Bar & Grill   James Kelby Inv   January McLaughlin $200
The Hideaway Grill   Justin Group Inv   Kristy Bush Inv
Renton Eagles     na   John Gisvold Inv
The Lost Dutchman   Jonel Coby Inv   Doug Walker Inv
Blue Goose Tavern   Arjun Chadra Inv   Arjun Chadra Inv
Wild Hare Bar & Grill   Elaine Moore Inv   Teresa Lakey Inv
Horseshoe Saloon   Mathew Miles Inv   Sue Nelson Inv
The Fan Club   Dennis Rankin Inv     na
The Forbidden Pub/Ynot   Alicia Hill Inv     na
Renton VFW     na   John Gisvold Inv
Gig Harbor Eagles     na   Ron Eccles Inv
Renton Eagles     na  

Dave Zehm

Gonzo's   Chris Dye Inv   Chris Dye $200
KickingPig Bar & Grill   Don Lennebacker Inv   Roger Coale $200
Grand Peking   Debi Miller Inv   Yuriy Yarmolinskiy $200
Red Dog Saloon Port Orchrd   Harley Pendleton Inv   Levi Strouble $200
Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley     na   Albert De Jesus Inv
Renton Eagles     na   John Gisvold Inv
Sam's Sports Bar   Brett Verner Inv     na
Hy Iu Hee Hee   Shawn Dwyer Inv     na
Sporty's Beef and Brew   Elaine Moore Inv   Jillian Swithenbank Inv
Grand Peking   Debi Miller Inv   Roa Rodriguez $200
The Forbidden Pub/Ynot   Alicia Hill Inv     na
The Fan Club     na   Stephanie Berry $200
Stocktons     na   Michael McGuire Inv
Renton VFW     na   Gary Gavin Inv
Stocktons   Oleksa Zaveruha Inv   Jeremy O'Toole $200
Pub 85   Austin Searles Inv   John Bullinger $200
Lighthouses Saloon   Heidi Boden Inv   Vickey Dudley Inv
The Siren Tavern   Wendy Frost Inv   Peggy Botello Inv
Golden Mum    Cheryl Miller Inv   Bernard Orosz $200
Renton Eagles     na   Gary Gavin Inv
KickingPig Bar & Grill   Don Lennebacker Inv   Huston Wilson $200
Siren Tavern   Will Mace Inv   Anthony Hamilton Inv
Redmond Eagles   Terry Carpenter Inv   Al Woolford Inv
Renton Eagles     na   Dave Zehm Inv
Lighthouse Saloon   Zach Buckingham Inv   Anglesea Pour Inv
Jeepers Country Bar   JR Brockman Inv   Josh White $200
KickingPig Bar & Grill   Craig Plummer Inv   Chris Buckingham Inv
Vern's Poker Palace   Roger Coale Inv   Ginni Swanton Inv
VFW 2995   Dave Estrella Inv   Joan Turchin Inv
Blue Goose Tavern   Jack Murphy Inv   Austin Miller Inv
Renton Eagles     na  

John Gisvold



Playing Cards for Sale

 Past Champions

Winter 2017
Maka Noa

Fall 2016
Robert Warner

Summer 2016

Tyson Flath

Spring 2016
Yuriy Yarmolinskiy

Winter 2016
Craig Johnson

 Fall 2015
Steve Griffis

Summer 2015
Allen Lundborg

Spring 2015
John Long

Winter 2015
Alessandro Faria

Fall 2014
Donald Bly

Summer 2014
Gary Ralstin

Spring 2014
Yuriy Yarmolinskiy

Winter 2014
Kurt Steputis

Fall 2013
Scott Luxich

Spring 2013
Roger S. Coale

Winter 2013
Donald Bly

Fall 2012
Ron Toomey

Summer 2012
Jeff Welch

Spring 2012
Kurt Steputis

Winter 2012
Brett Verner

Fall 2011
Scott Claflin

Summer 2011
Paula McCord

Spring 2011
Evonne Bess

Fall 2010
Evonne Bess

Spring 2010
Terry Smith

Fall 2009
Donald Bly

Spring 2009
Cathy Williams

Fall 2008

Spring 2008
Mary Anne Richey

Winter 2007
Rebecca Mayse

Fall 2007
Chad Hanson

Summer 2007
Ronald Schnacker

Spring 2007
Michael Moore

Winter 2006
Paul Smith

Fall 2006
Correy Gnirk

Summer 2006
Curtis Burkhart

Spring 2006
Bob Ledbetter

Winter 2005
Richard Dean